Power Management System

The Powermaster Power Management System(PMS) brings the capability to tailor the efficient use of generating and distribution resources on board a vessel. With independent dual network connections and options of back-up processing for additional security, the Powermaster PMS provides a powerful remote system tool, programmed with the Program Logic Controller(PLC) for any format, is capable of automated functions for:

-- Standby and Duty Generator selection
-- Load Share and Frequency Adjustment
-- Remote stop and start of generators
-- Synchronization
-- High Load Call Up
-- First and Second Stage Fault Corrective Action
-- Dead Bus Recovery
-- Heavy Consumer Inhibits
-- Timed Load Capacity


SYMAP is a flexible microprocessor-based digital protection device for use in low, medium, and high-voltage power systems. Because of its integrated protection functions and human-machine interface capabilities it is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all types of switchbays. With three powerful microprocessors, SYMAP offers complete protection functions for generators, motors(synchronous and asynchronous), transformers, power lines, and distributions. All protection functions can be activated simultaneously and there are no limits to using all of them at the same time. For diagnostics and monitoring, SYMAP has three microprocessors that supervise each other, providing a watchdog system. Important functions are laid out in a double redundancy combination, operating independently with the second processor.