Engine Room Monitoring & Alarm System

In a modern automatic vessel engine room, all vessel equipments' condition including running status, parameters and fault status will gathered to the screens which are set in the control room. With a high accuracy, the engine room alarming and monitoring system can monitor various of status which indicated the running situation of the drivers in the engine room. Once fault occurs, it can emit audible and visual alarm, and meanwhile record it to the database. It can automatically write the running status and parameters to the database periodically, which will save a considerable amount of maintenance time, improve the working condition and ensure the reliability of the equipments. In the vessels with Auto-0 requirement, engine room alarming and monitoring system extend the alarms to the W/H, public area, cabins of C/E and engineer on duty. In conclusion, engine room alarming and monitoring system is the important component of the vessel automation.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)