Chemical & Oil Tankers Solution

Normally, Chemical & Oil Tankers will carry easy to explosion chemical liquid and product oil cruise globally, any electrical flash in the explosion area will cause explosion, that will request explosion proof instrument to be selected.

More Safety solution:
We provide total instrinct safety pressure sensors whatever for ballast tank (safety area) or cargo oil tank(explosion proof), to ensure the crew change the spare sensors without any problem. To avoid the pressure sensors immersed in the seawater at long period, we can provide Titanium material pressure sensors, and precision can reach 0.1% FS, to guarantee more precision and longer life.

More Redundant system:
We are looking for more redundant system for your system, such as redundant PLC for ER Monitor & Alarm system, valve remote control by PC & mimic panel two ways, Independent LED Panel and PC display for Level Indication system, and Independent High/Overfill alarm system. To keep all of ER monitor & alarm system more redundant for Chemical & Oil tankers, we will provide two RX3i PLC as PAC redundant system, this two RX3i PLC will be connected into master and slave bus separately, all of sensors will be connected into master and slave bus as well. Valve remote control system is quite critical to Chemical & Oil tankers, the most safety solution is to use mimic panel and PC control together. For immersed valve, we will also use valve emergency block on the deck to open/close the valve during emergency condition. Even loss of hydraulic oil source, we also can use hand pump to open/close the valve easily. Some critical valves need to be open/close partly, we will install a local position display meter to be displayed locally and send 4~20mA signal to level indication PC. To avoid blackout of two PC for level indication system, we can consider using independent LED panel and PC for display. For MSB and ESB, we will use auto electrical plant to synchronize the generators, heavy load require etc.