FPSO Solution

The full name of FPSO is Float Production Storage and Offloading,which integrate auto control system (IACS) --composed of the flowing sub system:
--Process Control System (PCS)
--Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
--Process Shutdown System (PSD)
--Fire & Gas Detection System

The security shutdown system of the whole FPSO build up by many independent functional systems as above mentioned. With regard to every individual facility, the security shutdown system has two parts:
--1. ESD system for abandon platform shutdown (ESD Level 1) and emergency fire or gas leakage(ESD Level 2)
--2. PSD system for produce equipment and individual equipment shutdown (ESD Level 3 & Level 4).

Every system composed of system cabinet located in the equipment room and the remote IO cabinet in produce location. Meanwhile, every independent system communicated with PCS system via CMM communication module. The PCS system will monitor the alarm situation as the interface of the operator and security shutdown system. All the offshore facilities above mentioned have individual control, shutdown and fire & gas system, which provide protection for security of the man and facility on the sea. Meanwhile, all the facilities above mentioned connected by Ethernet via submarine optical cable, and the microwave is reserve way. The purpose of doing that is to have alarm monitor and remote configuration function. With regard to security system, dedicated security network is used to transmit shutdown signal between every offshore oil facilities. Powermaster marine is now partnering with GE C&I and GE FANUC to provide HV electrical distribution, PMS, LV electrical distribution, IACS and helicopter supply system for FPSO.