Offshore Solution

Normally, PSV will play the important role for the offshore platform, they could drag, fire fighting and transport the cement or other construction material. PSV need to be equipped with electrical propulsion system, bow & stern thruster to be dynamic positioned by DP-2, or more and less. There will require a big power plant, which composed by four big size generators, drive and motors, but the Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) will be less than 5% in the voltage wave from and for any single order harmonics will be less than 3%. Meanwhile, Power Management system shall handle the entire control of the ship’s switchboards and include the following functions: Control of main and harbor generators;

Operating modes including:
Sailing (main generators and coupled busbars)
DP-2(main generators and open busbars)
Fire fighting (firefighting diesels are disconnected  from distribution system)
Harbor generator mode
Shore supply mode
Seamless transfer between modes
Power limitation to propulsion(e.g. when D-G set fails)
Automatic load-dependent start-stop

As the PSV need to be operated at AFT, so the AFT Wheelhouse console will be fitted for em’cy stops & manual controls for all thrusters, echo sounder repeater, DP controls and independent joystick controls etc.