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As representative of Steerprop in China, Powermaster marine provide sales, service and spare parts management for Steerprop, and package SIEMENS motor & drive, to provide the total solution of Diesel-Electrical system.

Optimized Reliability
Introducing Steerprop Ltd. – the Azimuth Propulsion Company.

The goal of the Finnish company Steerprop Ltd. is to provide the global maritime market with azimuth propulsors of exceptional quality and reliability. Working together with a worldwide network of partners, Steerprop Ltd. offers its products to the global market with local representations, combining Steerprop Ltd.’s vast engineering experience with the local knowledge of its partners.

In China Steerprop Ltd.’s partner and representative for sales and service is Powermaster Marine Ltd. This dedicated, innovative company from Shanghai also designs and offers complete shipboard electrical and propulsion packages, together with Steerprop Ltd. and Powermaster Marine Ltd.’s other partners, such as Siemens, General Electric, Danfoss and Rockwell Automation.

Steerprop Ltd. is specialized to a single product line; Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors. Through this specialization, Steerprop Ltd. is able to offer high quality propulsors with an excellent lifetime economy. This lifetime economy is the result of a high degree of reliability and efficiency gained from optimizing each propulsor to the individual ship’s application and operating conditions. In designing its products, Steerprop Ltd. utilizes proven solutions and technologies combined with years of experience, constant feedback from shipyards, owners and operators and highly advanced 3D design software and calculation methods. Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors of all product lines are always designed and built to conform with the standards and rules of the client’s chosen classification society.

The basic line of Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors in both open and ducted propeller configurations runs from 800 kW to 7,000 kW. Though designed from a basic template, each propulsor is customized and optimized to the individual application and can be equipped with a number of different features. The propulsor can be equipped with an open propeller design, or ducted with a 19A-type Kort nozzle or ducted with the Steerprop high efficiency HJ3-type nozzle. The actual steering can be actuated by a reliable modern electrical azimuthing system or with a hydraulic azimuthing system.

Examples of ships equipped with this product line include the Bourbon GPA254L AHTS (equipped with three 1,685 kW Steerprop SP 20 D propulsors) and the Bourbon GPA654M PSV (equipped with three 843 kW Steerprop SP 10 L propulsors) series of Offshore Support Vessels built by the Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group in China.

To applications where fuel efficiency at high speeds is critical, or where propeller diameter is limited by external factors – such as river going vessels – but fast speeds and exceptional maneuverability is required, Steerprop Ltd. recommends the Steerprop Contra-Rotating Propeller Propulsor line. Designed and built with the robust Steerprop Dual-End CRP technology, these propulsors offer unsurpassed efficiency at any speed. As ice- or debris-reinforced propellers may be used with the CRP technology without compromising efficiency, these propulsors are recommended for use in icy or shallow waters. Steerprop CRP propulsors are available from 800 kW to 20,000 kW.

Examples of ships with the CRP product line include the Aria and the Odyssey, river cruise vessels in continental Europe, both equipped with two 800 kW Steerprop SP 10 CRP propulsors, as well as the Edda Fonn, ROV Survey Vessel operating in the Norwegian Sea, equipped with two 2,200 kW Steerprop SP 35 CRP propulsors.

In applications where raw power and extreme reliability are required, such as icebreaking, Steerprop Ltd. recommends the Steerprop ARC Propulsor line. Available from 800 kW to 16,000 kW in any ice-class, the ARC Arctic propulsor was designed for the rigors and demanding conditions of icebreaking in the Arctic Ocean. Designed and built with several layers of redundancy for safety and to ensure continued operation in the most demanding conditions, the Steerprop ARC Propulsor is a true heavy-duty model.

Examples of ships with the Steerprop ARC include the multi-purpose icebreaker Varandey equipped with two 8,400 kW Steerprop SP O 4,5 ARC propulsors operating in the Arctic Sea. The propulsors installed on the Varandey are the most powerful mechanical azimuth propulsors in the world.

The innovative Steerprop Control System that is used to control and steer every Steerprop propulsor is designed by Steerprop Ltd. to include as many, if not more, safety redundancies as the mechanical propulsors themselves. Based on the very latest but widely available automation technology components, combined with Steerprop Ltd.’s own software and programming, the control system can be interfaced seamlessly with any known control system – such as a Dynamic Position or Autopilot system.

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A great deal of effort has been put into Steerprop propulsors in order to ensure that they are the most dependable azimuth propulsors available. Reliability has an immense impact on the total lifecycle economy. The construction is kept as simple and fail-proof as possible.

Flexibility has always been the basic philosophy behind the Steerprop propulsors. As a company, Steerprop Ltd. is able to provide owners and operators with exactly the products they require.
The vessel can turn around easily by using 360 all degrees propellers. They also benefit convenient control and the safety of navigation.

Propulsor efficiency and performance have an influence on both vessel performance (such as speed and bollard pull) and fuel consumption. Vessel performance and fuel consumption, in turn, have an impact on the total lifecycle economy.

360 all degrees azimuth proplusion is a kind of Z-drive configuration, which is energy-saving, of low noise and efficient device. With counter rotating propellers , the sailing speed can be raised , also the propulsion efficiency , meanwhile, owners could take advantage of the reducing fuel.

The propulsor with small stern vibration and average slipstream enables the vessel to sail in shallow waterways by using smaller diameter propellers. It also improve vacuole function .If using larger diameter propellers ,the propulsion efficiency would reduce.

Steerprop SP10...45
• Power range 800...3500 kW; suited to the individual application and the rules of the selected classification society
• Open, ducted
• Z-drive or limited availability L-drive configurations
• Diesel engine or electric motor prime mover
• Electric or hydraulic actuation of azimuthing
• All major class society certificates available
• Several mounting options: through hull from above, in two parts, or from below.

Steerprop SP50...80
• Power range 4000...7000 kW; suited to the individual applications and the rules of the selected classification society
• Open and ducted propeller assemblies
• Z-drive configuration
• Electric motor prime mover
• Electric actuation of azimuth
• All major class society certificates available
• Several mounting options: through hull from above, in two parts, or from below.

Steerprop SP10...45 CRP
• Power range 800...4000 kW; suited to the individual application and the rules of the selected classification society
• Z-drive configuration
• Electric motor prime mover or direct diesel engine for low powers
• Electric or hydraulic actuation of azimuth
• All major class society certificates available
• Mounting options: in two parts or from below.

Steerprop ARC
• For ice going and arctic applications
• Power range 800...16,000 kW; suited to the individual application and the rules of the selected classification society
• Open pushing, ducted pushing, open pulling propellers, or CR Propellers
• Electric motor prime mover
• Z-drive configuration

Steerprop ECO
• For vessels that operate mostly in free-running conditions and also higher speeds.
• Steerprop ECO propulsors with Contra-Rotating Propellers (CRP) offer the ideal solution, improving the fuel economy.
• The power capacity in this product category ranges from 5 to 20 MW
• The Steerprop ECO has a dual-end configuration which, combined with the sophisticated hydrodynamic design of the underwater parts, provides the highest efficiency in the propulsor industry.